Thursday, May 23, 2013

Topaz Clarity only $29.95! – Topaz Labs Newest Plug-in!

Topaz Labs released a new plug-in called Clarity which is designed to give your flat images more punch! Here’s more info in their own words:
Topaz Clarity is the ultimate tool to create compelling and powerful images by intelligently enhancing contrast and clarity with absolutely no artifacts or halos.  With just a few clicks you can easily manipulate your micro, mid-tone and overall contrast, trans- forming your image from ordinary to extraordinary, while maintaining the natural feeling and tonality you are after.   Using a proprietary technology, Topaz Clarity effectively improves local contrast without halos or noise, giving you remarkable results with minimal effort.
Here are some of the unique features introduced in Topaz Clarity:
  1. Selective Contrast Control. With Clarity, we have developed a cutting-edge process of selecting specific contrast variations in your original image, allowing you to quickly target and then increase or decrease the contrast and clarity in that specific variation.
  2. Breakthrough Halo-Free Algorithm.  Boost contrast and clarity without emphasizing transitions between light and dark areas, eliminating the common problem of halos, noise and artifacts.
  3. Advanced Hue/Saturation/Luminance Technology.  Using IntelliColor technology, you can easily enhance your image with the HSL filter, getting stronger, yet more natural HSL adjustments.
  4. Re-Imagined Masking Workflow.  The masking module, now attached to each adjustment tab contains a comprehensive set of tools including an edge-aware brush, gradient mask, smart feather tool, color aware tool and more.
  5. User Interface Design.  With Clarity, we have continued to develop a cleaner, more modern and efficient interface to improve usability, workflow and overall aesthetics. Here’s a peek at the new UI:
Here’s a look at the new masking technology:

Special Introductory Offer

Click here and use the coupon code "claritynew" until May 31st to get Clarity at a special reduced price of $29.99, that $20 off the regular price of $49.99. See my discount coupon code page for my discount for use with ALL Topaz products - including the best deal for the bundle.

My Test

Topaz Clarity is like using the Lightroom Clarity slider on steriods. You can take images much further and have more control over your results. I often backet my exposures to use in HDR processing in order to extract the kind of localized contrast and fine detail the tone-mapping process can bring out in an image.  Clarity seems to be able to do this without the need to bracket and process in HDR.  I going to start using this program more and HDR less because it is quiker, simplier and provides more realitic results.  After all, I would rather be out shooting images than sittting at the computer processing them.

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