Sunday, October 13, 2013

Topaz ReMask on SALE

Topaz ReMask

On SALE (50% off) Octobeber 9 - 31, 2013.

Regular price $69.99, 

SALE price $34.99 with discount code: octremask


Fast, Easy & Good - The Masking Tool You Want

Anyone editing photos must be able to select the exact objects or sections, which is essential to improving your photos. This ability to select objects and cutout backgrounds provides greater flexibility to your post processing workflow - making essential editing tasks like background replacement, selective adjustments, repositioning and multi-layer compositions effortless.  With ReMask's powerful and controllable tools you can quickly and easily select any part of your image. Like a pair of digital scissors, ReMask allows you to define the edges of an object and intuitively cut it out - which as a photographer, saves you both time and money. Click on the above image to learn more.

ReMask Highlights:
  • Simple approach to masking that's quick and easy.
  • Powerful tools for complex masking and refining.
  • Extract intricate image details like hair and fur.
  • Cutout accuracy with flexible preview options.
  • Replace backgrounds or isolate areas with a few clicks.
  • Maintain transparency in hard-to-mask objects.

As with any Topaz product you can try it before you buy it, download a free 30 day trial version to see if ReMask is right for you.

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  1. though i prefer manual masking but after reading your review topaz masking is worth to try. online Photoshop studio clipping path