Friday, November 1, 2013

Topaz B&W Effects 50% off SALE

Save 50% on Topaz B&W Effects, Novemeber 5 - 19, 2013, with code "novbw". Regular price, $59.99, SALE price, $29.99.

You've probably seen or maybe even created a black and white image that just didn't have the impact you expected. Without color, creating a striking image can be a challenge. When you remove color you eliminate an aspect of detail. So with black and white photography, the details, textures, lines and composition of your image take on even more importance.
Topaz B&W Effects helps you bring out these essential features, while balancing the range of gray tones, adding dynamic contrast and selectively enhancing the tonal range of blacks and whites in your image.
  • Unique Effect Collections with historical, traditional and stylized looks
  • Over 200 presets included for a quick and creative 1-click workflow
  • Adaptive Exposure integration for dynamic detail, contrast and tone
  • Edge-aware selective brush for quick and easy selective detail and color
  • Authentic grain engine developed from real film scans
  • Creative Effects integrated from Topaz Simplify, Adjust and Lens Effects
  • Split-screen preview options for easy before and after comparison
  • Stage-based interface layout for a simple and streamlined workflow

Topaz B&W Effects includes over 200 presets that can be applied to your image with aclick. These effects make your black and white conversion process quick and easy. After applying a preset, you can tweak the adjustment settings to develop your own unique look and then save these new settings as your own preset.
The presets included in Topaz B&W Effects are organized into 8 collections, each offering a different style of effects from traditional Silver Gelatin to stylized. Unique to Topaz are the Van Dyke Brown Collection, Cyanotype Collection, Opalotype Collection and the Albumen Collection, which all simulate historical printing processes. This allows you to give your images an authentic look and feel. 
Topaz B&W Effects is easy for new users but powerful and flexible enough for advanced pros. It features a stage-based interface layout that organizes all your conversion, enhancement and finishing tools into manageable steps to help ease you through the editing process.
There are 4 main adjustment tabs for each stage of the workflow and each contain sub-tabs with your individual adjustment tools. Disable or enable the preview for the sub-tab to see your image with or without the added effects.

As with any Topaz product you can try it before you buy it, download a free 30 day trial version to see if B&W Effects is right for you.

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