Monday, November 25, 2013

Topaz Complete Photography Collection SPECIAL

Black Friday, Cyber Monday Special 

The Lowest Price of the Year!

Regularly $379.99  

SALE $199.99, use code "blackfriday2013"

Topaz Labs plug-ins are among the hottest Photoshop add-ons and best overall deal right now, for the following reasons: 64-bit-compatible, low prices, unique and useful effects and very active participation by the developers in the user community. The developers are constantly updating and improving the products, and upgrades are free for existing customers!

You can save a large amount of money by opting for the Topaz Complete Collection at $199.99, normally $379.99, a
$570 SAVING, over buying these 14 plug-ins/apps individually. This is THE BEST PLUG-IN DEAL in the industry, considering the wide range of image effects and enhancements they make possible.

You get all 14 plug-in packages for one amazing low price! Here's what's included:

Topaz ReStyle is the newest addition to the Topaz line-up. There are plenty of tools that help you achieve a specific look in your photos. But Topaz ReStyle is different – it gets you results that you wouldn't have thought of otherwise. So next time you're staring at an image after making some minor adjustments and it's just not quite there, try using ReStyle to jump-start your creativity.

Topaz Clarity lets you spend more time shooting and less time post-processing by applying one of over 100 presets. These one-click effects were specially developed and fine-tuned for specific types of photos. Instantly add extra depth to your architecture images, wedding photos and everything in between.

Topaz B&W Effects takes you beyond traditional black and white conversion methods by integrating unique features like a 5-in-1 selective adjustment brush, adaptive exposure, quad toning, historical processing collections, creative effects and more.

Topaz Adjust is the easiest way to make your photos pop. Perhaps the most popular plug-in in the industry right now, Adjust optimizes image exposure, color, and detail strength for stunning image results. Quality exposure adjustment in Photoshop is cumbersome and sometimes frustrating. Adjust makes this process simple, fun, and highly rewarding. Other developers charge up to and over $595 for this type of plug-in, and they offer far less functionality!

Topaz ReMask is the fastest way to mask and extract your images. ReMask harnesses the latest in image extraction technology to make masking intuitive and powerful. Unlike Photoshop's sometimes clumsy and hard to use extraction tools, ReMask makes photo extraction and masking easy and sizzling fast.

Topaz Detail gives full control and precision over all aspects of detail manipulation without creating any edge artifacts or halos. Unlike Photoshop's detail enhancement techniques, Detail effectively accentuates three levels of detail without the slightest trace of artifacts or haloing.

Topaz Simplify provides creative simplification, art effects, and line accentuation for easy one-of-a-kind art. In contrast to built-in artistic filters in Photoshop, which are limited to certain specific effects, Simplify creates a wide range of stunning artistic effects in a simple, intuitive, but powerful interface.

Topaz DeNoise offers a complete noise reduction solution that removes far more noise and preserves far more detail than other solutions. Noise reduction is one of our core competencies, and DeNoise displays that brilliantly. Use state-of-the-art noise reduction abilities to make your formerly noisy photos clean, clear, and crisp.

Topaz Clean provides unique smoothing and edge stylizing capabilities not found anywhere else. It can quickly add interesting flair to photos and can be used to both smooth out detail and stylize edges. Use Clean for exceptional results on portraits, weddings, and other people photos.

Topaz DeJPEG drastically improves the quality of web images and other compressed photos. Although Photoshop includes a simple JPEG fixer, it doesn't preserve as much quality as possible. DeJPEG makes sure that any compressed image looks as good as it possibly can.

Topaz InFocus is the comprehensive solution for your sharpening and deblurring needs. Infocus recovers lost detail, refines with micro-contrast enhancement and restores clarity to blurry images. Unlike unsharp masking, InFocus sharpens without distracting high-contrast edges.

Topaz Lens Effects simulates realistic lens, filter and specialty camera effects.

Topaz Star Effects creates unique star and lighting effects by manipulating and enhancing the appearance of various light sources found within your image. With a variety of fully-customizable effect options for modifying light sources, you can easily add a creative or dramatic flare to lights or reflective surfaces to focus more attention on those point.

Topaz photoFXlab With instant access to all of the Topaz plug-ins, photoFXlab easily connects you to all of your Topaz effects in a searchable library. Featuring a layered workflow with masking capabilities, selective enhancement brushes with edge-aware technology and a fun new way to InstaTone your images, photoFXlab"! is the new way to experience Topaz.

Tray Radcliff of Stuck in Customs, says these plug-ins are the secret sauce that makes his images pop and saves him loads of time in post production. Join the pros with professional creative results when you start creating and stop processing by employing these cutting edge plug-ins. What are you waiting for, give yourself the gift of time by using these plug-ins for creating results you never knew were possible. 


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